I am a business oriented, data-driven engineering leader with 23 years of experience in creating/maintaining critical solutions in global markets.

I work on outcomes, efficiency, quality, risks with a lean, transformative mindset with people in the core.

Besides my professional experience, I am using computers for more than 30 years. Over the years, I worked on different aspects of critical global products at telco level, provided consultancy and took engineering, management and leadership roles.

Currently I am a senior manager working as solution leader at Johnson & Johnson on innovative healthcare products where software and medical technology meets.

Previously I worked at:

Here is what I did / do:

 Lean \& Agile Coaching
  • Lean software principles
  • Waste-conscious environment
  • Agile principles
  • Continous improvement cycles (PDCA, Kaizen)
  • OKR setting
  • Supporting individuals and roles like scrum masters, product owners
  • User story writing
 Engineering Management
  • Team building and data-driven engineering environment creation
  • Business alignment, value propositions, creating product mindset
  • Metric building (Lead/Cycle times, DORA, SLI/SLO ..)
  • Kanban and scrum setup. Setting up purposeful swimlanes, classes of service
  • Backlog management and prioritization
  • Quality gates and metrics
  • Triage systems
  • GitOps
  • DevSecOps
  • People management, learning and development
  • Crisis and risk management
 Software Engineering
  • Design and implementation of (mainly) scalable, performant, reliable, observable backend systems
  • Programming and documentation best practices
  • Branching, release and deployment strategies
  • Efficient testing approaches
  • Secure coding
  • Refactoring and managing technical debt
 Cloud and On-Prem Infrastructure
  • Cloud migrations
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Network connectivity
  • Security
  • Cost and risk management
  • Performance tuning on operating systems and databases
 Kubernetes and containers
  • Kubernetes native solution design and implementation
  • Cluster lifecycle and configuration management with complete automation
  • Cluster security, service meshes
  • CNCF ecosystem
  • Increasing observability of products
  • Creating SRE teams
  • SLI/SLO setting
  • Working with CNCF ecosystem and alternatives
  • Incident management, RCAs
 Workshops & Talks
  • Lean software principles
  • Lean wastes
  • Agile principles
  • User story writing, prioritization and estimation
  • Kanban & Scrum
  • Best practices and anti-patterns when using issue management systems
  • Laws in software engineering
  • Antifragile software
  • The Black Swan and Lean & Agile principles

In the meantime I have earned some certifications while working on variety of subjects in hands-on manner.

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner, 2021
  • Professional Scrum Master, 2021
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator, 2021
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), 2019
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, 2020
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, 2019
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java 8, 2016
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer 7, 2017
  • Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate, 2009
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert, 2009
  • Sun Certified Network Administrator, 2002
  • Sun Certified System Administrator, 2002
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer, 2003
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, 2003
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrator, 2003