Software Engineer @ Nokia (from Alcatel-Lucent)
OCP Java 8, RHCE 7, OCA Oracle 10g, SCNA, SCSA, MCDBA / MCSE 2000
Love programming, Java and JVM related stuff
Linux since 1996
Lean & Kanban

About Me


I am a computer engineer in Belgium. I work at Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) to develop core services for telecom operators worldwide.

Since 2000, I have worked in very different environments like ISPs, startups, military (compulsary) and Bell Labs with wildly different and distributed teams.

Though I use different languages for various purposes, Java is the language I like and use daily.

The main reason is I prefer statically typed languages and building stuff on top of types.

(And yes this means I like Scala, wish to learn Rust and Haskell, appreciate Microsoft for TypeScript)

I was introduced to Linux (no I don’t say GNU/Linux) at the university in 1996 and it quickly became important part of my personal and professional life.

I have worked with almost all kinds of ISP/Hosting services, tuned for various purposes and troubleshooted. Solaris and Tru64 was also in my main activity area for years.

Code without proper test cases is incomplete and intolerable for me. I share the passion for simplicity and so don’t like over-engineering and yak shaving.

I enjoy working with people who communicate directly and work without getting emotional with their code.

Apart from the pure technical side, I am an admirer of Toyota Production System and advocate for Lean Software Development as well as Kaizen.

I do not approve blindly following recipes to reach goals. Every environment is unique, so each needs its own path for continuous improvement.

Usually, but not necessarily, Kanban is the way I prefer to visualize and manage the flow as it can be designed to handle both small/simple and large/complex flows.

I like exchanging ideas and experiences with people, do not hesitate to contact me.