Principle Architect, Technical Lead, Agile Coach @ Big Industries
PMI-ACP, Azure Solution Architect Expert, OCP Java 8, RHCE 7, OCA Oracle 10g, SCNA, SCSA, MCDBA / MCSE 2000
Love programming, Java and JVM related stuff
Linux since 1996
Lean & Agile

About Me


I am a software architect and Lean-Agile coach from Belgium. I work at Big Industries, member of De Cronos Groep, as architect and lead for cloud and data projects to create solutions that fit what is needed.

Since 2000, I have worked in very different environments like ISPs, startups, military (compulsory). I have managed quite a lot of ISP, hosting services and developed some tools to decrease errors and create room to do other stuff (now this effort is called devops)

During my time at Alcatel-Lucent, I have worked on carrier grade solutions for different areas, ranging from VoIP solutions to transparent network traffic localization solutions (at Bell Labs)

Later I worked on device management software with an awesome team which evolved in to industries’ #1 device management solution IMPACT device manager.

Though I use different languages for various purposes and generally be an enthusiast for programming languages, Java is the language I like and use daily.
I prefer working with statically typed languages and follow XP practices as much as possible.

I work on Linux on a daily basis since 1996, both at work and at home, though my past includes quite some Solaris, Tru64 and Windows. But in the end, Linux is home for me.

I enjoy working with people who communicate directly and work without getting emotional with their code.

Apart from the pure technical side, I am an admirer of Toyota Production System, Lean-Agile and Kaizen.