Cloud/Data Practice Lead, Architect, Agile Coach @ Big Industries
PMI-ACP, OCP Java 8, RHCE 7, OCA Oracle 10g, SCNA, SCSA, MCDBA / MCSE 2000
Love programming, Java and JVM related stuff
Linux since 1996
Lean & Kanban


I am a computer engineer from Belgium. I work at Big Industries, member of Cronos Groep, as architect and lead for cloud and data projects.

Previously I was part of Nokia (after Alcatel-Lucent is acquired) to develop core services for telecom operators worldwide. I write code, make architectural decisions, oversee CI/CD pipeline, provide coaching on agile and quality improvement processes.

Since 2000, I have worked in very different environments like ISPs, startups, military (compulsory) and Bell Labs with wildly different and distributed teams.

Though I use different languages for various purposes and generally be an enthusiast for programming languages, Java is the language I like and use daily.

I was introduced to Linux (no I don’t say GNU/Linux) at the university in 1996 and it quickly became important part of my personal and professional life.

I have worked with almost all kinds of ISP and hosting services, tuned for various purposes and troubleshooted. Solaris and Tru64 was also in my main activity area for years.

I prefer working with statically typed languages. Code without proper test cases is incomplete and intolerable for me. I share the passion for simplicity and so don’t like over-engineering and yak shaving.

I enjoy working with people who communicate directly and work without getting emotional with their code.

Apart from the pure technical side, I am an admirer of Toyota Production System and advocate for Lean Software Development as well as Kaizen.

I do not approve blindly following recipes to reach goals. Every environment is unique, so each needs its own path for continuous improvement.

Usually, but not necessarily, Kanban is the way I prefer to visualize and manage the flow as it can be designed to handle both small/simple and large/complex flows.